The State of Kuwait worked hard since its independence in 1961 to keep up with the wheel of civilized nations in all aspects to overcome all the obstacles in order to improve our community according to strong foundation and evolving plans.

During that period, the country had witnessed huge changes in health field where lots of health facilities were built and played an important role in providing high quality health care.

Maternity Hospital was established in 1965 and opened in 1968. It had the great importance of being the only specialized hospital in the country at that time with a capacity of approximately 465 beds. It handles all the diseases related to women and neonates and provides the best medical services.

According to the expansion of the medical services in Kuwait, Ministry of Health opened new services in Maternity Hospital. These include the opening of the neonatal intensive care unit in 1987, In Vitro Fertilization unit in 1988 and adult intensive care unit in 1996. Some of the medical wards, outpatient clinics were renovated and opened in 2001. Also the general medical store and the new laboratory building were opened in the same year. The grand opening of Ghaneema Al Ghanem building for neonates was in 2009. The building has a capacity of up to 160 incubators. The building of Beetool Al Aeiban for osteoporosis is recently received and will be under service in the near future. This building will provide diagnostic radiology services and will be the new place for medical records.

According to the plans of the Ministry of Health and the Council of Ministers, a new Maternity Hospital will be built which includes several towers to provide the needed services.