Emergency Department

The emergency department takes care of all emergent Obstetrics and Gynecology 24 hours throughout the week, according to the following Health Areas:

  • Al Sabah Health Area
  • The Capital Health Area
  • Mubark Al Kabeer Health Area

Patients are examined by specialized physicians without any need for a transfer from health centers subject to the previously mentioned health areas.

Patient who is to be checked by Emergency Department shall bring the following documents:

  • Civil I D Card for the patient.
  • Civil I D Card for the husband or the parent.
  • Marriage Contract for the married patient.
  • In case of unavailability of patient’s Civil I D card , a proof of identity shall be brought along (Passport – Driver’s License)

In case of patient’s need for hospitalization, she is allowed to bring along her personal belongings and cellular phones to the wards except the delivery wards where cellular phones are not allowed, also the husband or the parent is obliged to sign a form to approving any necessary surgery in cases of emergency.

A consent form has to be signed by the husband or the parent’s patient approving any necessary surgery in case of emergency.