Outpatient Clinics

The outpatient clinics receive referred patients and consultancies from the Health Centers and hospitals subject to the following Health Areas:

  • Al Sabah Health Area
  • Mubark Al Kabeer Health Area
  • The Capital Health Area

Working hours for outpatient clinics during all official working days are from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm and for the citizens only from 4pm to 7pm.

The official documents shall be brought along during the first visit to the outpatient clinics to be attached to the patient’s file and it includes the following documents:

  • Copy of Patient’s Civil I D Card
  • Copy of Husband or Parent’s Civil I D Card
  • Copy of Marriage Contract for the married patient

The patient’s transfer is examined and based on the doctor’s report, a later appointment is given to her for checking, and excluded from the previous are the handicap and elderly patients over (65 years) and women cancer cases.

Non Kuwaiti patients are obliged pay the amount of (2 KD) for checking at the outpatient clinics, and this amount includes (doctor’s examination and medications), and the amount of (10 KD) for of Ultra Sound Examination.